Twitter Trol (still) fails to apologize!

Anonymous twitter troll @DawnTJ90 still fails to apologize toward Solar Physicist Dr. Theodosios Chatzistergos for intentionally quote mining.

The incident dates back from September 2020, where the twitter troll who is known for quote mining and spreading huge amounts of fake news into the popular social media platform Twitter. By quoting the Solar physicist: "The record of direct irradiance measurements is clearly too short to understand the solar impact on our complex climate system." The troll enrolled a chain reaction amongst climate deniers. 

Soon after the incident Dr. Chatzistergos, (referred as Dr. C in the twitterverse) posted a reappraisal on twitter where he explicitly states: "I became a meme by climate change deniers! they quote mined, obviously without understanding, the motivation for my and many others' work to understand past solar activity. The meme gives the wrong impression that we can't know the solar impact on climate." 

So you would expect the argument settled, but no. In another tweet by Dr. C on the 26st of june the physicist said the following: "Apparently my name is still misused to argue that the Sun is responsible for global warming and/or TSI continues to increase along with the temperature on Earth. If only they could inform me which result of mine made them conclude that, because I'm not aware of any that could!"

In a long boring thread on twitter, where climate deniers seem to be very actively engaging in spreading false assumptions, the twitter troll made its entrance AGAIN with the quote from Dr. C. Her reaction to the many referrals to Dr C's reappraisal this is how it reacts: "I don't agree or disagree with his statement. It is what it is. It's an exact quote. IMHO, self-designed models and self-interpreted proxies are NOT a substitute for the admitted lack of observations." (July 19; 2021).

Clearly it knows by this point, it was wrong of it to quote Dr. C in this way. However she refuses to apologize. I, as a friend of #climatebrawl, find this extremely dishonest. 

I find we should keep confronting these twitter trolls with the truth and prevent them from spreading their lies around the twitterverse!