In a digital world communication is of importance. Often scientific topics are hard to comprehend due to terminology. My goal is to spread science in an easy understanding way for everyone. In this way, we can as a community tackle #fakenews and teach the wide public. STEM education is of utmost importance in a rapid changing technological world. Our generation is obligated with the task to tackle issues like climate change.

On my website, I'll provide blogs about scientific topic's and write about my experiences with pseudo-science spreaders on social media. 

All content is reviewed within my inner circle of contacts with experience in the field, however there are no spelling and language checks, I apologize for this inconvenience. 

I hope that you enjoy my writings and learn from them!


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Sea level rise in perspective: Thermal Expansion

Before we start, take a look at the ocean currents. This is going to be playing a very important role in sea level rise. As cold water gets heated, and hot water gets cooled due to these currents. What happens with the water in our oceans is called thermal expansion. Get ready for some facts on Seal level rise!

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