Letter to my fellow right-wing.

Dear reader, 

I don't think anno 2022 there is any reason not to share your preference vote. I don't really think that I ever kept it a secret. I am a conservative right-winger, I love capitalism, I love my people, I hate migration, I honor the value's of my identity, the traditions that has passed from generation to generation. The heck I've only just begun accepting the fact that man-man and women-women marriages are possible nowadays and now that same community serves me transgenders, "gender unidentified" and all sorts of that. Really, my conservative self is really confused about the 2022 world we live in, but at some point you just have to accept a changing world. 

However, within my community of fellow conservatives, on twitter or any social media platform, people tend to call me a "left-wing communist". And why that? Because I have one major concern, a concern that I think should be mutual and should not be defined by your preference as a voter. 


I notice a lot of my fellows are not worried about what climate change might bring to our world. I notice the topic of climate change has become a scary political thing. If you are left-winged then you are an activist, if you are right winged then you are a climate denier. That is about the main trend, in my perspective, is unfolding. Why can't we look over the political borders and accept that climate is changing and we need to reduce our fossil fuel emissions as fast and soon as possible? All that in order to maintain our economy, reduce migration, conserve our traditions. IT'S A MUTUAL THING, WE ALL BENIFIT FROM TRYING TO SLOW CLIMATE CHANGE!

I hear, foremost in my community, the words: "Science is never settled!". I need to bring it up the same words over and over again. Science is never settled but we all agree tobacco smoke can cause serious disease such as lung-cancer? That opens a whole new set of questions to be answered such as the search for a cure for cancer. And that is my whole point.

NO, science is never settled, science doesn't rest, but we know for over a 100 years, that is even longer then we know tobacco causes cancer, adding fossil fuel emissions in our atmosphere can change the radiative balance of our planet, thus change the climate. The next question is, How do we stop it? Its not settled, never will, but we know for sure it is a problem and its going to impact us, directly or indirectly, it will all depend on the way we deal with it. If we refuse to accept to understand this, we will not be able to solve anything. 

Yet there is optimism! Even when we see no significant reduce in emissions lately ,there are a lot of people and companies investing in sustainable energy, step by step turning their energy consumption into renewable energy. And that dear readers, is HOPE. In latest research papers its likely if we manage to complete the pledges of the Paris agreement we undershoot +2°C, yet it is important to realize this is not the "ideal" scenario and we still have to make efforts to keep warming below 1.5°C. 

I mean, really guys, listen. I don't want more migrants at my doorstep telling me that their homes are flooded. I don't want them to bring the story of drought that endangered their food supply. I don't want my 2 sons and possible grandchildren to deal with that. I don't want an entire different culture to migrate here and get voted to parliament changing our traditions. However, those migrants will be the ones that contributed the least on greenhousegas-emissions. Ironically we being stubborn is bringing them here. They're welcome, in my opinion, but they're not allowed to benefit from my hard work, they cannot change the way we do it around here. I'm serious, I'm that kind of a conservative.

What if we overshoot? What if everything we experience now becomes worse? Can't we use the money that we would invest in adapting, building higher dikes and such, in health care? We can invest it in endorsing people to get to work, Increasing welfare, enhancing our economy. We don't need to invest it in adapting to a wilder climate, however we'll have to at some point, yet we can press those billions just spend on keeping houses from flooding or conserving crops from droughts on simply quitting the emission of greenhouse-gas. It's that simple

I will always be available for anyone with questions, for anyone who wants to learn something in an abstract way. As a former student in physics, I think science is awesome. However I will not, under any circumstance discuss science with anyone. First of all, it is not our commitment to discuss whenever scientific conclusions are statistically relevant. There is a whole wide world of academics to do that. If that is what you want, it is up to you to get the books and make your way into academics. If you want to tackle a 100-year old theory, go ahead, I won't stop you. Second, My degree allows me to teach you the laws of thermodynamics, not that I have to show you why those set of laws are not violated by the greenhouse-effect. 


Fellow right wing, friends. 

Don't be the ones shooting yourself in the foot. We really have to consider the future generations, the welfare and economy of our planet. This climate change thing, it's a mutual problem, that concerns every single person on the planet and does not take account for any political believes.

With respect,

Tom Plesier



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